Amir Tarighat

Caveat Emptor

On Requiring Computer Science Education

If you head into just about any American school, you’ll find most of the same libraries and laboratories, and even across state boundaries course requirements remarkably similar. Most kids have to read novels and discuss battles each year, while natural and physical sciences are balanced by art electives. Look hard enough, and you’ll probably even find a computer lab and a tech savvy student body. There’s no denying that there’s a demand for a computer science education, and the resources are right in front of us. In fact, we’re entering a world where the art and beauty of computer science are not only encouraged, but necessary for a variety of fields. We can prepare our students for their futures by making computer science a required subject in schools; with the right instruction, the field will be beneficial to students of all ages.

However, this adjustment to the school system won’t...

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